Open Source Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Ran got his first computer when he was only 8 years old. Thanks to educational computer games from the 90's, a few years later he was already touch typing in Hebrew and in English.

Before the Internet and email era, Ran and his twin brother acquired a 33.6 Kbit/s US Robotics Sportster modem. They used it to connect to remote BBSs with a simple terminal program and exchange files and messages. Passionate and curious, Ran decided to specialize in computer science through the excellence program in his high-school and learned procedural programming basics and simple data structuring with Turbo Pascal.

Ran was then selected to serve in the IT Unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps named Unit 8200, whose alumni have gone on to found the backbone of Israeli high-tech, including Check Point, ICQ and AudioCodes. Proving his leadership, he was sent to the officers school for further Management and Leadership training and returned to 8200 to occupy a Team Lead position. After his service, Ran continued to pursue his passion and worked in the Israeli private IT industry for almost 2 years. He then decided to merge his scientific passion with another passion of his - languages.

On August 31st 2006, Ran arrived to Paris to study computer science in UPMC (Paris VI university). He completed his Bachelor's (BSc) and Masters (MSc) degrees, specializing in computer networks. During this time he was involved in the Jewish community teaching evening classes, developed websites and was a key player in the PUC Floorball team playing in the second league in France. In 2010 he was the first student from his university to participate in a student exchange program with the Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain, studying computer science in Spanish.

Ran relaunched his professional career in 2011.
Since, he has managed dozens of software, e-commerce, mobile apps and web projects for companies such as France-Télécom, LavaSoft, UpClick and Turbulent.
In parallel Ran acquired Project Management education from McGill University, joined PMI and is PMP® certified.

In 2015 Ran founded Aleph Consulting.
Aleph Consulting specializes in professional training for companies and organizations. Fields of training include Leadership, Innovation, Management, Communications and more.
Since early 2016, Ran joined Concordia University's Innovation Centre - District 3 as a permanent member, where he provides consulting and coaches Montreal-based technology start-ups on Team Management best practices.

Written exclusively with open-source tools, this website offers a peek inside some of his projects and personal interests.